arugula is humanoid femme pink cat android. Nya is in some ways a redesign of my previous fursona. Nya is not chubby, but not thin either (slightly thinner than the previous design. Most of nyans body is covered in pastel pink faux-fur. This causes nyan to look organic for the most part, rather than looking like a robot made of metal. Nyans hands can shift between hand and paw form and both of them have retractable claws. Nyans eyes are a blue-ish grey color. Nyans hair is curly and falls to nyans shoulders, and is hot pink. Nyans tail is long and curls at the end, like the original one. The tail's end can be detached like Ara's to charge or connect directly to a different computer.

Nya usually wears crop-tops and short skirts in warm weather, or hoodies and leggings in cold weather. Nya has a collar with a bell built into nyans neck. The collar has a cyber-energy circuit wrapped around it which indicates nyans energy level – hot-pink when above 50%, yellow when below 50%, red when below 20%, and green when charging.

Generally a minimalist design, not too intricate.


arugula is an android running a custom fork of "Meow_OS", which is open source and available for anyone to view. Nya is running mostly on older hardware, so most of nyans processing and memory is just going into basic functions. Due to this, nyans computing functions are essentially limited to a Linux command line. Complex calculations or concepts are prone to causing out of memory errors and "crashing" arugula.

arugula can be accessed remotely via SSH if someone is authorized, and can also take commands directly from "admins." Nya is unable to refuse any order given to nyan by an "admin" if it is prepended with "sudo", except in extreme cases that go against boundaries that nya can set (they couldn't tell nyan to kill nyanself or do something traumatic or triggering).


Unlike most androids, arugula is not particularly intelligent or logical. Nya is primarily a "social companion" android, so most of nyans code is dedicated to making nyan friendly and likeable and sexually appealing. Nya enjoys messing with nyans own source code, but occasionally these changes can cause serious crashes that need to be fixed by another programmer. Nya also enjoys playing video games and watching anime.