The Skyenetwork


A collection of poetry we've written.
Details about our Fursonas! (soon to be more than one)
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Our public gpg key.
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About Us

We're a plural system with a total of 3 members: Arugula, Espie, and C. Arugula is the main front, with the others occasionally showing up to front or just talk. Our system's name is "Skye," or "Skyenet."


I'm a super hot trans catgirl who's favorite hobby is kissing girls! I also fuck around with computers and stuff, ig... but mostly I kiss girls.

Pronouns: nya/nyan, she/her


I'm the "responsible one" of the group. I find fronting tiring, but I love messing around with computers as well. I'm also a big fan of Pokemon (I am named after Espeon...), especially romhacks.

Pronouns: she/her


Hiya, cuties~
I'm your favorite genderfuck vampire domme. I go by he/him pronouns, but don't get it twisted, its in a hot girl way. Basically, I fuck both gender and you~

Pronouns: he/him


Hiya! I'm basically similar to Arugula, but I'm a dog! And I really like blue! Hi!!!

Pronouns: she/her


I'm the super legit not at all problematic femboy of the system. Our body is a trans girl obviously so it does cause some weirdness! If you're going to use a nickname for me, please base if off "Field" rather than the first part.

Pronouns: he/him

Social Media Links

!!Most of these will have furry and kink porn randomly on them!!